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Utilizing The Cat Tools to Enhance The Translation Productivity

Computer Assisted Tools or CAT tools as their acronym goes by are high-quality computer programs facilitating the translation process of present times. With these tools by their side both the quantum and quality of a translator’s services improves manifolds thus, enabling better collaboration on translation & location projects with global businesses. To work in the translation process, these CAT tools rely on databases which include the information regarding the phrases or sentences along with their translated equivalents. Following are some of the ways with which CAT tools can assist in improving the translation productivity: Speed When it comes to delivering speedy results, CAT tools can’t be beaten. With loads of translation work left pending, this can be a great savior for providing a base translation that would only require some expert editing and proofreading. Once the foundation is provided by the CAT tools, the rest of the translation process becomes a happy-go-easy task for both the translators and the language translation agencies. Error Reduction Another plus point with computer assisted translation tools is that they are designed to be thorough and accurate. Once the correct text goes into their database, then there are no chances of ambiguity occurring in any way unless and until the data gets revived as per the changing linguistic trends. Still it’s advised to the translation agencies in Delhi and around the world to be cautious about the errors and ensure that the translated document is again rechecked by the experts even if it has gone through the CAT tools. Consistency CAT tools ensure that the same set of translation rules and ethics are being applied to a particular set of words and phrases repeated in a document. While many might consider it as an irrelevant point only the experts can tell how critical consistency is to ensure quality. While offering consistency, at times the humans can forget some criteria or can exceed the set criteria when overpowered by emotions. But, such is not a case with CAT tools as they are not bounded by any emotions and work strictly as per the information added to their database. Collaboration In translation agencies, there are times when big projects arrive and multiple translators are assigned the task of together working and finishing the project. These tools ensure that the multiple men working on the project are referring the same set of vocabulary. This makes sure that when the pieces come together they appear uniform and united as a whole. Pricing Even when deriving the translation costs these tools are of great help. Their inability to be bounded by human emotions and ambiguities make it even easier for the CAT tools to derive the translation prices for projects, no matter how big or small they are. They are able to thoroughly scan and analyze a document and get to reasonable charge for the translation services offered.

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