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5 Graphic Design Mistakes And Ways to Avoid Them

No matter whether you are a fresher planning to kickstart your first designing assignment or an experienced graphic designer, a few common mistakes can potentially cause a lot of damage. As long as you stay vigilant, you can always avoid these mistakes. In this post, we discuss 5 graphic design mistakes that you need to look out for:

1. Not Comprehending Client Requirement To start with, in graphic designing, clear communication between a client and a designer is crucial. The responsibility of a client is to provide clear, informative instructions and a designer needs to ensure that they comprehend the guidelines completely. In most instances, mistakes happen due to poor briefing from the client to the designer. It is virtually impossible to get great work from a designer if they fail to understand the specific intructions given to them by their client. 2. Over-Designing Abundant use of bold colors, overuse of graphics and over designing to a point where things become chaotic – these mistakes mar the overall concept of graphic designing. An over designed page may not look appealing to the end user; rather it may turn out to be a complete distraction for them. The end goal of graphic designing is to allow consumers to make a connection with a brand; for this reason, less is always more in graphic designing. 3. Use of Free Images While there may be multiple websites offering creative photographs and unlimited usage, the pictures that these sites contain are usually low resolution. Additionally, there are also risks of unintended consequences and copyright infringement. It is always a better option to buy photographs that guarantee exclusive usage. This means that no one else has the legal authority to make use of the images. 4. Using Multiple Fonts Playing with fonts may be exciting but going overboard with them makes an entire design piece look crowded. For an ideal graphic design, it is always advisable to choose the right fonts to convey a message. While choosing the right fonts, it is equally important to make sure that the typography complements the angles and lines of the image. As long as this process is followed, the design piece that you create will convey the intended message appropriately.

5. Failing to Proofread a Design Piece Most graphic designers do not proofread a design piece before making it go live. This may have disastrous results on the outcome. As designers, you may feel that a quick spell check after the completion of a project can suffice; however, the truth is that there may be plenty of mistakes in the graphic design, which spell check systems may easily fail to identify. The most trusted way is to follow a creative expert’s advice before sending a project for final printing. Apart from identifying and avoiding the above-stated mistakes, it is equally important not to allow your personal taste to prevent you from doing what is right for your brand. A perfect design should be a complete extension of the message you wish to convey to your prospective customers. Thus, it is advisable to be a little careful with what you deliver as a graphic designer.

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