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Why Is Forklift Safety Training Important?

Why Is Forklift Safety Training Important? In the eyes of many people, forklift is a heavy machine which is complicated to operate. It is therefore of no surprise that an operator need to go through a proper forklift safety training before he/she can excel in carrying out his/her duty at work. In Malaysia, forklift training is much concerned for the alarming high number of accident resulted from mishandle of forklift. It is however to be reminded that a proper forklift truck training should not just cover the way to operate a forklift such as manoeuvring and hydraulic controls, but should also educate the operator on the way to deal with difficult situations. A professional forklift training for the driver is therefore of utmost importance. Reasons are as stated below:

1. Minimise occurrence of industrial accident It is saddening to get news of a forklift driver getting injured or passed out due to his/her unfamiliarity with a forklift while moving inventory in an area of limited maneuverability. Such incident might not just harm the driver, but at the same time posses threat to the people in the surrounding such as colleagues and site-visitors. The misfortunate can possibly be prevented if the business owner provides forklift truck training to the driver. 2. Reduce inventory loss & machine maintenance fees In Malaysia, the need for forklift training is sometimes overlooked by some companies in the effort to save up budget. The business owners have however failed to take into account the cost needed for the compensation of inventory and the fees required for machine repairing in the event of an industrial accident. If a forklift operator is well-trained, he/she can handle the forklift in a way that keeps the machine in good condition, thus saving up the maintenance fees. Aside from lengthening the lifespan of the machine, a proper operation can also potentially lessen the chances of machine break-down, further reducing the company’s expenses. 3. Increase productivity of work

A knowledgeable operator who has undergone a training is confident to execute his/her work and thus shows exceptional performance at work. When the task of shifting inventory from one place to another is carried out in an efficient pace, the productivity of the operation is highly escalated. It is therefore less of an issue when the company receives urgent cases. The increase in productivity needless to say will leave positive impressions among the clients and altogether will enhance the good reputation of the company in the industry involved.

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