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How to Run Wholesale Business Online?

A wholesale business is a marketing channel that helps suppliers e.g., manufacturers or importers,with the logistics of getting products delivered to end users, in some cases through an intermediate dealer or distributor network. It is a supply chain built with the help of partners. Just as ecommerce is putting many retailers out of business (in the USA, India and elsewhere), B2B e Commerce is also becoming an existential threat to many wholesalers as manufacturers and import/exporters are going directly to the end user by going online to bypass the wholesaler. The wholesale business must also go online through B2B ecommerce to survive this business challenge. But in order to do this, the wholesaler must learn the B2B e Commerce business. There is no better vehicle for this than a B2B e commerce social media site like When business transactions take place on the web it is called B2B ecommerce and it is a “must have”for wholesalers to survive and expand. Let’s understand how the online wholesaling business can benefit from ecommerce with some examples Example1: Dealer A lists his business on a B2B social media portal that works as a platform for businesses to meet, is a good example. The dealer finds some potential partners for his product line through this business social media. He searches for more information on those partners and zeroes on the suppliers that are ready to work according to his terms and conditions. The traders are included in the business and the work starts. The wholesaler is already becoming familiar with dealing with suppliers and customers online. Example2: Dealer A has become a member of an alternative social network for exporters, like and starts searching for suppliers on this social network that can take his products to the targeted markets. He has a business expansion plan in his mind and he knows which trader would be best suited for his product lines. He uses this business social networktowards building business relationships with selected traders and soon finds his partners in growth and success. Example 3: Dealer A finds a number of potential suppliers he can work with and starts gathering information on those traders. He finds all the crucial info on the business social portal. Also, he uses this alternative social media, to get real time and genuine feedback on the suppliers. Armed with this information, the dealer selects reliable traders to work with. He can then communicate with them withvideo chat on this portal. Example 4: Dealer A vets his suppliers on alternative social network for wholesalersand chooses the traders only on his findings. He digs deeper to get crucial info that can help him write a better work agreement for his traders. Here the portal provides real help by providing all the info at one place and in a hassle free manner. Role of the portal It isn’t just a social media portal but also a business resourcethat guides and advices businesses as they venture into the uncharted waters of B2B ecommerce. The portal gives training for executing complex business transactions; it provides tools to make things simple and it works like a platform to share thoughts and experience. It is a forum for getting answers to business related queries. Dealers and traders visit the forum to discuss their needs and get quick help from likeminded persons. The site also offers access to a B2B e commerce incubator where the wholesaler can start to offer its products and services to its customers through an online channel. How does the portal work? The ecommerce portal for wholesalersworks like an online consultant. Its job ismore than just connecting businesses. Its role and functionalityinclude working like a business executive consultant. It helpsto make a bridge between two businesses willing to join hands for growth and opportunities. To get a better idea as to what this unique B2B e commerce socialplatform offers, you should go through its content to know more about its services. The B2B e commerce flood tide is coming fast. You need to join a site like now in order to stay afloat and survive.To know more information please visit our website :

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