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How Are Job Portals Changing Trends in Talent Acquisition?

With the emergence of latest technology and digitalization of industries and sectors, there has been a growing change in the talent acquisition segment as well. In the recent years, the domain has witnessed tremendous developments in its structure and functioning. Emergence of Employment portals

The era of the Internet has resulted in the growth of online employment search and postings that has further paved the way for the growth of job portals. An employment website is a common ground for job seekers and employers/ recruiters to interact and is a mutually benefitting arrangement. With the rising popularity of the employment websites, it has become increasingly easy to scout for talent right from the comfort of one’s office chair or even one’s home. Today, talent acquisition is not restricted to job fairs or placement agency networks. It has surpassed and walked into the territory of applicants. These websites have become a connecting link between the companies across divergent industries and the pool of talent as well as freshers in the market. Job sites and social media are quickly replacing the traditional print classifieds Today, companies use a variety of digital experiences to find the best talent for different roles in a company. They use social media, emailers, blogs and other tools to create a constant buzz about the career options available to them. The best team that connects the companies and the talent pool online are the employment websites. A present-day employment website is similar to a newspaper classified section or an employment newspaper in many ways. However, the former also offers a plethora of services that benefit both the applicants and the recruiters alike. Talent acquisition has grown into a full-fledged industry with recruitment companies taking the centre-stage. The employment websites are judiciously used both by the recruitment firms as well as the in-house human resource and recruitment departments within a company. The use of social forums, job boards, video classifieds and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and the professional network – LinkedIn, are among the main examples of contemporary, digital talent acquisition channels. Benefits of using an employment portal Employment portals continue to be the best channel used by an employment agency or recruitment team. These websites offer a two-way support to the job applicants as well as the companies that are registered on the website. They ensure that there is enhanced candidate engagement through various sections on the website; namely, company profiles, user videos, company videos, informational on-site blog, forum or message board, query section, industry news and update, career tips and advice and so on.

Most importantly, an employment portal allows the users (both candidates and companies) to maintain their public profiles, apply/post employment opportunities, manage their postings/ applications, avail different services such as resume building, job search tools, interview scheduler, mail service and other options. Lastly, the best job portals bring inside information on the registered companies on the websites. They ensure that the candidates have an overall understanding of the companies including their work culture, projects, success stories and so on. Similarly, companies can assess fresh data of qualified and verified individuals and experienced professionals on these websites. Hence, the employment websites have become an indispensable part of the hiring process across different industries.

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