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What is The Profile of The Computer Systems Engineer?

The Computer Systems Engineering is a professional with solid analytical training that allows the interpretation and resolution of problems through the use of systems methodologies and information processing technologies. By its research it is particularly right to integrate the information coming from dissimilar disciplinary fields’ synchronized to a common project. The volume acquired in the National Technological University agrees him to face with comfort the preparation, expansion, route and control of the information systems. By its preparation it is especially apt to integrate the information coming from different disciplinary fields concurrent to a common project.

The capacity acquired in the National Technological University allows him to face with solvency the planning, development, direction and control of the information systems. He has knowledge that allows him to manage the human, physical and application resources that intervene in the development of information systems projects. Acquires skills that enable him to perform managerial functions according to his professional training. Is qualified to address research and development projects, integrating interdisciplinary teams in cooperation, or assuming effective leadership in the technical and methodological coordination of them. The received education enables it for an efficient transmission of knowledge. In short, the comprehensive preparation received in technical and humanistic subjects, place it in a relevant position in a medium where society will increasingly demand the engineer a great commitment to the preservation of the environment, the improvement of the quality of life in general and a great social responsibility in the professional task.

The Computer Systems Engineer can work as an employee or independently performing multiple roles, ranging from the administrative, through the investigation or the operational part in an organization; below are some of these roles. The Computer System Engineer is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Company’s Information System. It ensures the implementation of new systems or new versions, intervenes in case of technical problems and is responsible for quality of service (optimization of computer performance, high availability of applications). The purpose of the Computer Systems Engineering option is to provide the various skills required by complex applications developers, network specialists, project managers or architects of large computer systems. The organization of the ISI option in modules was designed to allow to build, according to his preferences, a coherent profile for these trades.

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