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Why Should You Aim For a Specialization in Risk And Insurance Management?

Risks are inevitable in every aspect of our lives – be it in the form of a health hazard that threatens our survival and well-being or an imminent danger that could lead to the loss or damage of our wealth and property. Risks can occur due to a variety of reasons. They can result from the uncertainty that shrouds the financial markets because of the rapid and dynamic changes in the regulatory, social, political, economic and environmental climate of the world. They can appear in the form of a natural calamity or a man-made disaster. They can also be triggered by unforeseen personal or professional setbacks, such as accidents or failure of a critical project or business deal. Even acts of terrorism, legal liabilities or credit-related pitfalls can be their other forms of manifestation. Considering that risks are pervasive and ingrained in our lives, it becomes imperative to manage them effectively and to have adequate measures in place to mitigate their occurrences and severity. The field of risk and insurance management attempts to detect, evaluate, interpret and prioritize risks and also focuses on the management of their adverse consequences through risk funding instruments, such as insurance. A post graduate diploma in risk and insurance management is essential for those who are looking to steer their careers in this fast-evolving field and desire to learn the specific skills that are needed to succeed in this technical and knowledge-driven industry. Reasons for Choosing a Career in Risk and Insurance Management Among the several reasons that warrant an entry into this field, a prominent one is the inherent stability of the insurance industry that is almost immune to the ebbs and flows of economy. This is because irrespective of economic upturns and downturns, the need for insurance continues to prevail – both for individuals and for businesses. Thus, if you are desirous of a stable career, then this field has the potential to offer you career stability. Moreover, the advent and spread of globalisation has led to a greater impact of the global community’s changes on the nation’s financial sector. As Indian regulators strive to remain on top of the most up-to-date compliance requirements that are implemented worldwide, a natural need arises for qualified and certified risk and insurance management professionals who are updated with the latest international trends and regulatory changes along with an in-depth understanding of the underlying thinking that drives these changes. Another key reason that makes this discipline a lucrative career option is the considerable maturity of the insurance industry’s workforce that will catalyse the creation of a high number of vacancies in the upcoming years as the matured workforce gears up for retirement. This is also corroborated by a McKinsey & Co. study, according to which the insurance industry will face a 25% talent loss in 2018 because of the retirement of its tenured professionals. Lastly, a career in this multifaceted field can opens the doors to exclusive career opportunities, including job roles as diverse as risk managers, underwriters, risk analysts, insurance consultants/agents, financial analysts or the highly paid actuarial profession – rated as the most desirable profession in the U.S., based on a study conducted by in 2013. It is also worth nothing that a specialization in risk and insurance management incorporates comprehensive insights into various aspects of a business, thus preparing you for career prospects that are not limited to the risk and insurance industry alone but extend to a broad range of industries and business sectors that come under the purview of a regular business degree. Options to Pursue a Post Graduate Diploma in Risk and Insurance Management Remotely Gone are the days when a full-time MBA was the only recourse when it came to one’s need to obtain business-specific specialisations. These days, one can easily acquire new industry skills and sharpen their knowledge of multifarious domains and functions with industry-specific, short-term courses that can be pursued from the comfort of one’s home or office, without any limitations of time or location.

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