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How Your Business Can Benefit from VoIP

The increase in VoIP technology is unsurprising given its advantages, with an anticipated rise from 98.9 billion to 204.8 billion businesses users by 2020. Here are some of the ways it can benefit your business.

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It Cuts Costs

The budget-friendly nature of VoIP is one of its biggest draws, with calls typically costing significantly less than those via mobile or PTSN, especially where international calls are concerned. With staff able to work remotely, costs can also be saved on physical office space and associated bills.

Allows for Integration

VoIP can be integrated with business apps, such as Sage, to improve workflow. With all details made available during the communication, customer service, speed and efficiency can all be streamlined and improved.

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It’s the Future of Communication

Traditional services are being phased out in favour of the likes of VoIP. BT intends to close down its entire conventional telephone network by 2025 and move customers to IP services, and other providers are likely to follow suit. Investing in the change-over to VoIP now will see you reap the benefits now and set your business up for the future.

It’s Flexible

The ability to use VoIP without being tied to a physical line, and to be able to access VoIP networks from various devices, can make it an incredibly flexible means of communication. Calls can be made and received anywhere, or diverted to mobiles, so businesses can retain constant contact while enabling staff to work remotely. Enquire with a quality provider about wholesale AZ VoIP termination to get the best rates for your business. Follow this link to find out more on VoIP.

It’s Convenient

Setting up a VoIP system is a lot quicker than many would anticipate, so you can be ready to go within a day. Maintaining it should any repairs be required is typically far more straightforward and much quicker than resolving issues with conventional PTSN set-ups, and an issue with one phone can be isolated rather than affecting the whole network. In many cases, repairs and updates can be managed remotely, being more convenient while also saving costs on call-outs. Should you wish to upscale or downscale, adding or subtracting phones in circumstances such as changes in staffing levels, VoIP connections can be easily added or removed.