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Creative Ways of Promoting Your Brand during the New Year

Now since we are a month away from the New Year, it is time to decide how you will create your brand so that it stands out in this competitive market. So, in this small post, we shall try to outline a few creative ideas for promoting your business in the next year.

Mostly, by using the right branded merchandise you can ensure success and expect higher returns on all your promotional investment. As an example, by using custom printed bags of Custom Earth Promos, you can offer a green message to all your customers.

  1. Go, guerilla

Your successful guerrilla marketing strategy can be sharing a few key traits like your method is unique, available one-time-only, specific to only certain locations, having an element of surprise, and also hopefully, they are capable of being memorable or sometimes even going viral.

  1. Get social

Perhaps social media is the best platform for engaging your potential and current customers. If you do not have your presence already for your brand on a few key platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit, etc. then it is high time to focus on the new year.

  1. Partner up

Try to look for a few other partners who can also complement your brand, product, or service, but do not just limit yourself to a few companies that only do what you exactly do.

  1. Be real and be helpful

Besides just boasting about your offerings and brand, consider giving your customers something of real value. This can be things like how-to information, loyalty gifts or functional, educational tools, earth-friendly giveaway items e.g. reusable cups, bags, or utensils.

  1. Consider events

You may also consider event planning, and if you are going to introduce a new product this year, then you may plan to call a celebratory and make a public announcement of your new product launch event.

  1. Reusable bags

Reusable bags are considered great promotional products as they are so easily adaptable. They can be used for practically almost anything. Your reusable bags can start from tote items to and from the gym or your work, and also for carrying your snacks for your road trip and also so much more.

  1. Trade show bags

There is several options right from messenger bags to your custom drawstring backpacks, wine totes, and also cooler bags you have got plenty of options. You must consider what kind of bag will appeal to you the most so that it will make sense for your brand.

  1. Reusable Drinkware

Reusable drinkware is quite a diverse category that can include insulated mugs, folding water bottles, tumblers, stainless steel, and also aluminum water bottles, and much more. Specialized drinkware can serve your purpose and this will really help in benefitting your brand.

  1. Seed paper

Nowadays, people mostly prefer to go digital with their documents, but still, people use business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and a few other paper items. If you want to create your promotional product on paper, then consider using seed paper.