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Effective Guide to Proposal Win Themes

The Federal Government of the US uses federal contracts to buy various services and supplies from vendor companies. It spends nearly 500 billion dollars each year. In the official website of the Federal Business Opportunities, interested contractors can find hundreds of bid opportunities that match their business activity.

The competition is high and time-consuming. There are many rules and regulations that must be met in addition to proposal development for the ideal solution. Elements such as proposal win themes, differentiators, and qualities that uniquely position you to win that contract must be carefully presented in your response to the RFP.

Proposal win themes are characteristic of a customer-focused solution. They describe the real value that the Offeror will provide the customer (a federal agency) if they win the contract award. They address carefully the concerns described in the RFP and help the proposal team prepare a strategic plan to overcome those concerns, solve particular issues and challenges successfully.

How to Develop Win Themes?

Proposal development takes a lot of processes and phases that are closely related to each other. To develop effective proposal win themes, first you need to make a thorough research to better understand who your customer is, what they need, and the way they want to receive the required services/products.

In the meanwhile, you’ll collect important information about your competitors, identify what are their strengths and weaknesses. This insight will provide you with sufficient resources to successfully develop winning strategies. And help you develop win themes that explain your value in a clear, concise way.

Win themes allow you to create a customer-focused solution after you’ve done an in-depth analysis, you’ve evaluated the customer, the solution. They help you indicate what differentiates your offer and prove professional capabilities to meet performance requirements.

An important aspect that impact the quality of win themes are the Benefits. These are advantages that help give the right solution to the customer’s problem indicated in the RFP.  Benefits are what you really have to offer such as great performance level and efficiency, low risk, and strong strategies to overcome upcoming challenges.