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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Avoiding Costly Repairs

Do you know that your HVAC system works harder than your car and just like your vehicle requires maintenance, it also needs regularly scheduled service to keep it running efficiently? Preventative maintenance of your HVAC system ensures that your system stays up and running all season long without any breakdowns. As it is the most important and expensive system in your home, these maintenance tips should be followed:

  • Pay attention

It is essential to pay attention to any grinding, thumping, rattling or buzzing in your system; all of which that there is a problem in the HVAC system. You should also be attentive to performance issues like spotty cooling or heating, thermostat issues or weak airflow.

  • Schedule annual maintenance

Every homeowner should know that it is vital to have your heaters tuned every fall and air conditioners tuned every spring. Regular HVAC maintenance by experts can prevent 95% of the problems the system might experience. Regular maintenance is also a way of ensuring that your system keeps running at peak capacity for providing maximum comfort. In addition, it reduces costs and extends the equipment’s life.

  • Replace air filters

Every 30 to 90 days, you need to replace air filters and they have to be checked every month for clogs and dirt. The more pets you have and the more people living in your house, the more often filters will have to be changed. You need to incorporate this task in your monthly routine or else your HVAC system may be damaged.

  • Clean the vents

Frequently vacuuming the vents can also be helpful in keeping dirt and dust from building up and obstructing the airflow. It is also important to check the airflow from time to time to make sure it is not weak. If it is weak, get a technician to check it out.