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Best Places to Hide Spare Key

Losing your things is simpler than you think. You don’t even realize when the keys slip out of your pockets and wallets like a wet fish within no time. It is frustrating to come back home from long office hours to find that you don’t have keys, and you are locked out of your home. You can call locksmith through Locksmith Newcastle, but he will take some time to arrive. The good idea is to hide a spare key outside your home to be used in case of an unfortunate situation of losing your keys. Hiding a spare key outside the house is a tricky task as you don’t want unauthorized people to gain access to it. Some ideas that will help you hide your spare key outside your home are here.


Mailbox is a good idea to hide your key. You can put your spare key in an envelope and put it in your mailbox so even if someone opens the mailbox, he will not realize that there is a key in the envelope.

Pet Houses

You can hide a spare key in the pet house that you have outside of your home. Make sure to adjust it so that your pet cannot gain access to it, and it is not visible to other people. Pet houses are generally the right place to hide your keys because even if someone tries to get into your home, you can never even think of messing with your dog.

Decorative Rocks

Most people have large decorative rocks in their garden for aesthetic purpose. They can also be used for hiding your spare key. You can put a rock upside-down, paste your key, and put it back so that it can be used.

You can think of creative ways to hide your spare key according to the outer environment of your home.